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Welcome to MedX

MedX is an all-in-one provider of seminars, courses and tutors designed for students aspiring to study medicine in the UK. With our unparalleled weekly mentorship, guidance, motivation and personalised support, achieving your goals and standing out in the competitive application process is inevitable.

Meet our visonary Founders

Parth Joshi

Introducing Parth Joshi, a second year medic passionate to help students from all background get into medicine. Having completed bachelor's in Neuroscience from King's College London with a year abroad at University of Melbourne, Parth has gained invaluable experience in the scientific field. Achieving 715 average with band 1 in his UCAT, Parth has a vast amount of UCAT practice experience. Combined with his experience in tutoring GCSE and A-level students as well as guiding his peers to get into medicine, Parth is ready to share all of his experience to help you achieve your dream of getting into medicine.

Mohammad Ardavon M.E

Meet Mohammad Ardavon M.E, a visionary founder behind a company dedicated to helping aspiring individuals secure a spot in medical school. With a remarkable academic record of 9s in sciences, 8 in maths at GCSEs and A*AAa at A-level, coupled with extensive experience in interview and UCAT preparation, Ardavon is a dependable mentor. Additionally, his two years of tutoring experience, where he passionately guided A-level and GCSE students, further highlights his commitment to education and excellence. Trust Ardavon's expertise and support as you embark on your journey towards a rewarding career in the medical field.

Previous experience

Our team of tutors are all current medics who have experience in tutoring A-level students. We have also helped many candidates with UCAT tips, interview tips and various other aspects of the application process along their journey into medicine.

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